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Our leading product position in the storm water and on-site septic wastewater management industries allow us to sell the whole package

About StormTech®

ADS offers storm water attenuation or infiltration tanks under the trade name StormTech; more than 40,000 projects around the world are using StormTech as part of their stormwater management system.   The design of the StormTech chambers allow for Heavy Duty load application and installation such as Airport Taxiways, container yards, Highway traffic just to name a few. StormTech can be used also as a rain harvesting system. StormTech system has been installed in many applications, including residential, shopping centers, large warehouses, factories,  hospitals, airports, railways …

StormTech system are approved by Dubai and Abu Dhabi municipalities and it is used in more than 100 major projects in UAE for the past 15 years.  Our system is in operation in facilities like Baynoonah, Al Hudayriyat Island, Ghayathi,  IMG world, Arabian Ranches (EMAAR), Dubai Parks and resorts (MERAS), EXPO 2020, Al Zahyia development (MAF) and many other projects.


StormTech has been the solution for many projects because it provides the following benefits:


  • Structural Strength: The robust continuous true elliptical arch design of StormTech Chambers effectively transfers loads to the surrounding backfill providing.  Typically, more 50% of load (both soil and traffic loads) are transferred to the surrounding soil. StormTech chambers are made of high grade virgin Polypropylene (PP) material to allow the chamber to handle the expected high soil and traffic loads.

  • Durability (Design service life): The combination of arch design and high-grade material will result in providing the customer with a service design life of at least 75 years (verified by AASHTO LRFD design methods). 

  • Ease of maintenance: Third-party tested Isolator Row makes easy to inspect and maintain the StormTech system. The Isolator row design allows the operator to easily remove sand and containment from the system to ensure effective long time performance. In addition, the design of the Isolator row will result in less frequent maintenance, water quality and long-term performance. 

  • Ease of Installation:  StormTech Chambers can be easily installed,  no onsite assembly  required, the StormTech chambers are designed to interconnect without the use of accessories. Individual chambers are easily handled by labors on site without any need of heavy equipment.

  • Wide approval and acceptance: StormTech are manufactured and designed in accordance with American standards ASTM F2418 and ASTM F2922.  Also it has an approval by CSTB (France); DIBT (Germany), and CSA (Canada) and many different authorities around the world.

  • Large capacity that fits very tight footprints providing developers with more usable land for development.

Design Support:  ADS will provide local design and technical support to the customer in all stages of the project. StormTech system is designed in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications providing engineers with a structural performance standard for live and long-term dead loads.

StormTech introduction

StormTech Installation



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